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My new book

The Little Book of Plants for Pollinators:

A Gardener's Guide

is now available from the Shop

The  book is also available from Maison de Lamond at

Stydd Gardens, Stoneygate Lane, Ribchester, PR3 3YN

For Wholesale and Trade Orders please click here

What the book is about

Insects – bees, butterflies, moths, flies, wasps, and beetles – play a vital and irreplaceable role in pollination.

Yet many pollinators are in decline, and people are asking what can be done on an individual basis to help them. One answer is to grow pollinator-friendly plants in your garden.

This richly colour-illustrated book showcases a selection of plants which are not only attractive to pollinators, but are also garden-worthy, and suitable for an ‘average’ size of garden.

It includes:

  • Information about the kinds of pollinators that can be found in a garden

  • Practical advice on what those pollinating insects need in terms of food and habitat, and what gardeners can do to aid their survival

  • An overview of the types of garden plants that can fulfil the insects’ needs

  • A series of plant lists covering more than 100 annuals and biennials, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, sub-shrubs and climbers, and trees

The cover illustration is by Emma Sutton who is the mastermind behind Mosney Mill.

She has also created four more beautiful illustrations for the book.

Some of the stunning photographs are by Kirsten Platt of Kirsten Platt Photography.

Thank you to both!

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